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Album Review


Imagine a hot, sweaty summer day, that irresistible thirst you get for an ice-cold drink, and the “Hell, I needed that” when you finally pour one down your gullet. Well that’s the feeling this album gives you.

David R Black is very much a band, although it does share its name with its frontman whose razor-sharp delivery is similar to that of former Undertones warbler Fergal Sharkey. This Mancunian three-piece hone a unique combination of Undertones, Husker Du and Pixies influences. The statuesque, pop-tastic melodies, mature introspection and Who-esque riffs are simply intoxicating. 

We’ll have the same again please – on the rocks! (8/10)




Album Review


It’s rare these days for rock bands to make it big on the merit of great songs alone, but David R Black may just do that. The Manchester trio recall a simpler time when raw, edgy, energetic guitar music had the power to impress without the aid of gimmicks or a six-figure marketing plan. Think Placebo, Skunk Anansie or Feeder, circa 1997.  (7/10)




Album Review


Hurrah! This Manchester act remind me so much of Husker Du and Sonic Youth which can only be a good thing in my eyes. The music they create is just what this country needs - There’s just so many boring bands in the UK doing the rounds. What I like the most about this is how David Naylor and Ms Sarit Black have worked the vocal duties out. Sarit also plays a wicked bass, which compliments David’s guitar. All this kept in time with a top drummer called Paul Williams. There’s twelve tracks on this album and I can safely say there’s no fillers. Tracks like ´Down To The Wire´, ´Jet Fighters´, ´Shot To Pieces´ and ´Lost A Friend´ just have to be heard. Get yourself a beer and put this album on your player then immerse yourself in to this pleasurable experience. You will really enjoy what you hear and at the same time have a great musical experience. Nuff said! (9.5/10)




Album, Review


An emotive debut from UK art-rockers. Don’t go assuming that David R Black is some lame indie-rock solo artist. They’re actually an avant-garde garage trio, ready to add a ream of new cuttings to a scrapbook already brimming with critical praise. Sounding uncannily like former Undertones warbler Feargal Sharkey, the bleating vocal style of David R Naylor takes some getting used to at first, but after that, the band’s appeal becomes pretty bloody obvious. Having opened for acts as diverse as 3 Colour’s Red, Living Colour and Fishbone, David R Black’s dark, bass-driven mixture is derived from many influences including Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Therapy?, Placebo and The Pixies. Tunes like ‘Empire Building’, ‘Silence and Sound’ and ‘Shot To Pieces’ are likely to creep up on you after two or three spins, though they’ll be around for a while afterwards. (7/10)








Album Review


When I got the cd “Hearts and Stars” my first question was who is David R Black, and after reading the press release I realise that it should be who are David R Black. It turns out they are a Manchester based three piece alternative Art-Rock outfit, and the other thing I discovered about them after listening to the album “Hearts and Stars” (which is released on October 9th) is that they are pretty damn good. They have toured extensively through the UK, Europe and The US alongside artists such as Three Colours Red, Living Colour, Spin Doctors, Hanoi Rocks, Fishbone and Breed 77 to name but a few. Now they have released Hearts and Stars, the follow up to Trinity Parts 1 and 2 produced by Joe Gibb (Funeral For A Friend, Jane’s Addiction).


It is intelligent, catchy and simplistic. David Naylor appears to have mastered the simple and catchy yet defiant chorus lines. He has the ability to turn relatively few notes guitar-wise into something masterful that gets into your head and makes you want to come back for more. “Empire Building” is superb, it was released as a single on September 25th and it is a wonderful insight into this three piece. They have captured the essence of the true underground and even seem to mash together the essence of Placebo with the Undertones.  “Silence and Sound” is gritty giving us the subtle backing vocals of Ms Sarit Black along side punchy vocals and relentless guitar.


This album is definite winner, and a grower. It is not brutal in your face metal, but it is intelligent and fresh underground art rock. David R Black definitely have the edge and it is clearly apparent on this album. There’s no airs and graces from this lot, you definitely get the feel that what you see is what you get, and that is what makes tracks such as “Signals”, “Jetfighters” and “Hearts and Stars” stand out.


It is definitely one of the most refreshing albums that I have come across recently and David R Black should not be ignored. Buy this album and let’s have an underground uprising. 7/10




Album Review


There’s something about hearing an album where the combination of song-writing, arranging, playing, singing and production, all wrapped up in an unstoppable adrenaline rush of rockin’ proportions, that stops you in your tracks and leaves you jaw-dropped in amazement as song after glorious song just erupts into your consciousness and refuse to let go – ever! This is one such album. Who does it sound like? Oh hell, how the heck would I know – who cares anyway – it’s just  sensational. There’s this trio who whip up such a level of excitement on storm-force tracks that really just stand as they are – great songs set to contemporary indie-rock arrangements that allow the guitar, bass and drums to come shining through to superb degree. That churning sea of guitar riffs and leads set to dynamic twists and turns on songs that are consistent as they are cohesive, heavy but not metal, furious but not hardcore, indie but on fire and vocals that really take off to perfection, all provides a set of 12 tracks into which you dive headlong and stay under until the experience is over. Some of the songs have such a great sense of urgency and angst to them that the tension mixed with the adrenaline is enough to give you a heart attack if it was any more than three or four minutes long. The guitar sound throughout the album is amazing and on fire while the production has created one of the best rhythm section sounds on an indie-rock album that you’ll hear. This is talent personified from a band that can really write a stunning song – 12 of the things, in fact – and the enjoyment you’ll get out of this surging set of breathtaking songs, will keep you happy for ages to come.







Single Review


Fresh young trio delivers classic rock anthem – yes, that’s exactly what happens here – this awesome slice of surging indie-rock erupts onto the scene with all the firepower of a small army but with a sense of song-writing that would put many to shame. There’s a distinct air of Sisters of Mercy-meets-Foo Fighters to this as the lead song powers its way through your head to intensely pleasurable proportions, sounding just sensational. But this is no one-track EP – no sirreee, Bob – the next track is “Shot To Pieces” that starts with strident rhythm section and impassioned vocals as the guitar layers pile in and the song takes off in a tornado of urgency, the guitar leads spiraling and flowing through a charging rhythm section as the vocals provide the verses and chorus to mesmerising degree. A third track, “Superheavy”, that isn’t on the album, makes this even more of an essential purchase as it takes a more emotional and highly charged slice of songwriting that slows things down slightly but loses none of the band’s intensity or firepower, instead preferring to smoulder before the whole thing catches fire. A superb song that is every bit as good as anything on the album and the other 2 tracks on this EP.




David R – Vocals/Guitar    

Ms Sarit Black – Bass/Vocals     

Paul ‘Pai’ Williams – Drums





“This Mancunian three-piece hone a unique combination of Undertones, Husker Du and Pixies influences. The statuesque, pop-tastic melodies, mature introspection and Who-esque riffs are simply intoxicating.” CLASSIC ROCK


“raw, edgy, energetic guitar music….the power to impress without the aid of gimmicks or a six-figure marketing plan. Think Skunk Anansie or Feeder.” – ROCKSOUND


“An emotive debut from UK art-rockers!”  – METAL HAMMER


“… the combination of song-writing, arranging, playing, singing and production, all wrapped up in an unstoppable adrenaline rush of rockin’ proportions” – DEAD EARNEST


“A level of musical integrity that gives me the confidence to truly define them as art-house rock…a genuine sound – a real band for real people, with a frothy layer of grit on the side.” – CMU MUSIC NETWORK






David R Black have been together since 2002 and as well as releasing their own records they have gigged extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the USA and have played shows with Three Colours Red, Black Stone Cherry, New Model Army, Living Colour, The Tubes, Spin Doctors, Elbow, Fishbone, Breed 77, The Buzzcocks, The Mission, The Wonder Stuff, The Buzzcocks and many more.






In 2010 David R Black released their 2nd album 'Secret City' – “a darkly complex album that chronicles the human condition. It's themes of love, loss, hope and despair resonate in all of us.”  Both their first album ‘Hearts and Stars’ and ‘Secret City’ are still available from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and eMusic.

After a bit of a respite working on other projects, the trio are back in the studio working on their eagerly anticipated 3rd studio album, which will be supported by a full UK tour on its release.








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